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another - 2006-12-16

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2:21 a.m. - 2006-12-16 - another
I'm writing in hope that 'someone' will read this... He knows WHO he is... He KNOWS what I mean... "Let life be a good song"

'Just heard the news today... Let yourself down once again....'

Or should I say, you let me down... I don't want to see you miserable, and that all you used to tell me about, is how miserable you are...
Have things changed that drastically?

You should have waited... I think you made a huge mistake... I'm taking a trip... It will be soon...
Then maybe we will know if it was real... What would you do if I did show up? What would you do if I walked through those doors on May 3rd?

Why didn't you tell me yourself? Why did I have to hear from someone else? You sent me an email just 2 months before "it" happened... your 'heart nearly jumped out of your chest'... remember saying that?

If you do read this, please email me... I need to know...

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